Claude Legras, the Floris’ double starred chef

Having been nurtured within an environment where good food was warmly appreciated, Claude Legras was accustomed to the generous nature of meals partaken in the family circle and thus naturally associates the gift of sharing with the art of cooking. His childhood memories include the emotions of his first discoveries at his grandmother’s stove, in Nogent-sur-Vernisson, a small town in the Loiret of France.

His apprenticeship was served with Jean Joly, starred head chef at the Hôtel de la Gloire in Montargis. The time spent there taught him a number of important life skills, including the realization that rigorous discipline is best developed through hard work and determination. After achieving the second highest ranking among apprentices in the Loiret region, he subsequently honed the technical precision for which he has for years been noted by gastronomy critics by working in a variety of prestigious, Michelin-starred Parisian establishments such as the Doyen, the Laurent or Drouant.

A second star for the Lion d’or in 1989

In 1982, Claude Legras took over the kitchens at the Lion d’Or, a Michelin one-starred restaurant in Cologny, near Geneva. Seven years later, a second star was awarded for the work of this dedicated chef who won the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1991.

The Restaurant du Parc des Eaux Vives

Claude Legras continued his career as a great chef at the Restaurant du Parc des Eaux-Vives, which won a Michelin star in 1993.

Claude Legras takes over the Floris

Since January 1st 1997, Claude Legras has been the owner and chef of the Restaurant Le Floris, in Anières. Revealed by Gault et Millau in 1997, and double starred in the Guide Michelin, Claude Legras is a dedicated and intuitive chef who tireless reinvents his art.

” A constant quest backed by a determination to seek out the best products, the most harmonious associations and the most sophisticated seasonings. ”

La Tribune de Genève, 20 April 2012